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Products & Services

Multi-skilled and well acquainted engineers strategically based in South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.


As the industry leader and pioneer of mobile satellite communications, Inmarsat has been powering global connectivity for more than three decades. Inmarsat provides voice and high-speed data services to almost anywhere on the planet, so no matter where your business takes you, you can rely on Inmarsat for all your mission-critical communications.
FleetBroadband is the first global maritime communications service to provide dependable and seamless broadband data and voice, simultaneously, through a compact antenna. Mariners rely on FleetBroadband for cost-effective operational and crew communications including, sending and receiving email with large file attachments, running complex data applications comfortably and making voice calls all at the same time.


Iridium is the world’s only truly global satellite communications provider, with voice and data solutions covering every inch of the earth’s surface including the Polar Regions. The Iridium network provides reliable and affordable maritime and land communications enabling access to essential communications in some of the most inaccessible and isolated places in the world, where terrestrial networks simply do not reach.
Iridium Pilot is the next generation of global maritime communications. Engineered and built to perform in the toughest of conditions, Iridium Pilot offers a truly flexible communications solution with full global coverage. Powered by the Iridium OpenPort broadband service, soon to be joined by Iridium Certus service over Iridium NEXT network, Iridium Pilot delivers broadband data and high-quality voice via one low-cost platform..


Thuraya Network Provider Thuraya is a leading mobile satellite communications company that empowers people with tools to bring the organizations and communities they serve closer together. A superior network enables Thuraya to offer clear communications and uninterrupted coverage across two thirds of the world via satellite and across the globe. Innovative, flexible and dependable technology that helps you overcome the toughest challenges and achieve the highest aspirations – facilitating reliable communications where and when it matters most.
Thuraya Orion IP provides merchant maritime, fishing, governmental and leisure users with competitively priced, robust and reliable data connectivity at rates up to 444kbps. Combining a reliable L-band service with proven hardware, Thuraya Orion IP provides a very competitive price proposition for maritime users who want to enjoy broadband connectivity and also keep control over costs.

VSAT Solutions


Speedcast’s VSAT services enable customers to manage their own VSAT networks and provide the flexibility and scalability necessary to meet their complex needs with burstable, fixed-rate or usage-based bandwidth plans and customisable communications, safety and security applications.

Satcom Global AURA

The AURA VSAT portfolio from Satcom Global delivers high bandwidth Ku-Band services to provide industry leading flexibility and value. AURA is available with a broad range of customizable speeds and packages, and always with a CIR, to address the budgets and operational needs of customers across commercial shipping, fishing, offshore and leisure markets.
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KVH Industries is a leading manufacturer of solutions that provide global high-speed Internet, television, and voice services via satellite to mobile users at sea and on land. These solutions include the mini-VSAT Broadband network, TracPhone satellite communications systems, and TracVision satellite television systems. KVH is also a premier manufacturer of high performance sensors and integrated inertial systems for defense and commercial guidance and stabilization applications.


iVATS Vessel Tracking

iVATS Vessel Tracking & Monitoring System (iVTMS) is a proven platform used by many shipowners and fleet managers to track and monitor their vessels. The platform also allows the integration with telemetry subsystem such as fuel monitoring etc.Vessel positions are fully displayed on a world map with information such as vessel identification, position, speed, course and time stamped. Users are able to access the iVTMS portal from anywhere in the world so long there is an internet connection.

CrewCommWifi – CCW

SMSGlobal provides end to end solutions covering both crew communications and business operations in the maritime and enterprise satellite communications markets.

Cloud VoIP IP-PBX solution

Crystal Voice specializes in developing innovative Internet-based telephone services using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies. The company is one of the respected names in the industry of telecommunications and is known for excellent level of services, business ethics, and contribution to the development of internet telephony.




Multiskilled and wellacquainted engineers strategically based in South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.


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AquaSat Pte Ltd was formed as a Maritime Satellite Service Provider to extend our wide range of products and services to South East Asia.

Copyright by AquaSat Pte Ltd. All rights reserved.

Copyright by AquaSat Pte Ltd. All rights reserved.